Finned Tubes 

(Air/Gas heating or cooling of Industrial Processing Applications)

Steam Oil Heaters,  Air Heaters, Oil Coolers, After Coolers, Inter Coolers, Spiral Tension Wound Continuous, Crimped Type Finned Tubes of M.S., Copper, S.S.

Finned Tube Air Heaters & air Coolers

For Chemical and Pharmaceutical Dryers, Textile Processing, Food Dryers, Oil Extraction Plants, Dairy, Ice-Cream Plants, Power Plants, Refineries, Earth Moving, Petrochemicals, Air Compressors (inter coolers and after coolers), Radiator type. Steam Oil Heater for chemical tray dryer, fluid bed dryer, dyes intermediates. 

Wire Wound Finned Tubes (For Industrial and Automobile Use)

High Conductivity Copper Wire is looped in a definite pattern and helically wound on the base tube followed by simultaneous soldering by non reactive anti corrosive solder, thus forming an integral expansion of the tubes. External surface area for heat transfer.

Ribbon Wound Root Soldered Crimped Finned Tubes

High conductivity copper ribbon (strip) is helically tension wound on the base tube with simultaneous crimping and automatic root soldering. Thereby crimped ribbon becomes an integral part of base tube and enlarge the external area of heat transfer.

U - Finned Tube / Finned Coils

 Available in Ribbon wound root soldered crimped form and wire wound finned tube. Continuous spirally wound crimped fin coils without tubes can be easily mount over any odd shape of tubes.

U - Tube & Finned Coils

Flexible Fin Coils to mount on odd shape of tubes. Continuous Spirally wound coils also available.


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